Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 16:22
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Advice Not Given A Guide to Getting Over Yourself (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | Audiobook | 171 MB

“Most people will never find a great psychiatrist or a great Buddhist teacher, but Mark Epstein is both, and the wisdom he imparts in Advice Not Given is an act of generosity and compassion. The book is a tonic for the ailments of our time.”—Ann Patchett, New York Times bestselling author of Commonwealth
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 16:18
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12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | Audiobook | 428 MB

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of 12 Rules for Life, written and read by Jordan B. Peterson.
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 12:25
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Soldering A Hands-On Guide to Making Electrical and Mechanical Connections Learn
Publisher: Maker Media, Inc; 1 edition (October 30, 2017)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 168045384X - ISBN-13: 978-1680453843 | 7 MB

Getting Started with Soldering not only teaches new makers and experimenters the core principles of soldering, it also functions as an excellent reference and resource for beginners and more advanced makers alike. The book guides readers through the fundamentals of soldering, explains the tools and materials, demonstrates proper techniques, and shows how to fix mistakes or broken connections. It even includes guidance on more advanced techniques such as surface-mount soldering for electronics. From choosing the right soldering iron to making perfect connections, readers will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to form a strong foundation for a lifetime of making.
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 12:16
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Shashi Tharoor - An Era of Darkness. The British Empire in India (Unabridged) 2017 (Audiobook)
English | MP3 64Kbps | Audiobook | 343 MB

In 1930, the American historian and philosopher Will Durant wrote that Britain’s ‘conscious and deliberate bleeding of India… [was the] greatest crime in all history’. He was not the only one to denounce the rapacity and cruelty of British rule, and his assessment was not exaggerated. Almost thirty-five million Indians died because of acts of commission and omission by the British—in famines, epidemics, communal riots and wholesale slaughter like the reprisal killings after the 1857 War of Independence and the Amritsar massacre of 1919. Besides the deaths of Indians, British rule impoverished India in a manner that beggars belief. When the East India Company took control of the country, in the chaos that ensued after the collapse of the Mughal empire, India’s share of world GDP was 23 per cent. When the British left it was just above 3 per cent. The British empire in India began with the East India Company, incorporated in 1600, by royal charter of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, to trade in silk, spices and other profitable Indian commodities. Within a century and a half, the Company had become a power to reckon with in India. In 1757, under the command of Robert Clive, Company forces defeated the ruling Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula of Bengal at Plassey, through a combination of superior artillery and even more superior chicanery. A few years later, the young and weakened Mughal emperor, Shah Alam II, was browbeaten into issuing an edict that replaced his own revenue officials with the Company’s representatives. Over the next several decades, the East India Company, backed by the British government, extended its control over most of India, ruling with a combination of extortion, double-dealing, and outright corruption backed by violence and superior force. This state of affairs continued until 1857, when large numbers of the Company’s Indian soldiers spearheaded the first major rebellion against colonial rule. After the rebels were defeated, the British Crown took over power and ruled the country ostensibly more benignly until 1947, when India won independence. In this explosive book, bestselling author Shashi Tharoor reveals with acuity, impeccable research, and trademark wit, just how disastrous British rule was for India. Besides examining the many ways in which the colonizers exploited India, ranging from the drain of national resources to Britain, the destruction of the Indian textile, steel-making and shipping industries, and the negative transformation of agriculture, he demolishes the arguments of Western and Indian apologists for Empire on the supposed benefits of British rule, including democracy and political freedom, the rule of law, and the railways. The few unarguable benefits—the English language, tea, and cricket—were never actually intended for the benefit of the colonized but introduced to serve the interests of the colonizers. Brilliantly narrated and passionately argued, An Era of Darkness will serve to correct many misconceptions about one of the most contested periods of Indian history.
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 12:06
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Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychology [Collection]
English | PDF, EPUB | E-book Collection | All in One | 216 MB
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 11:57
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Max Allan Collins - The Million-Dollar Wound (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | Audiobook | 289 MB

From a foxhole on Guadalcanal (shared with Barney Ross) to the glitzy underworld of Hollywood in the '40s, Nate Heller fights his memories and the Mob.Something happened at the Canal, something Heller's blocking out. What he can't block, though, is the wound he received--the "million-dollar wound," the one that got him home. Back in the States, and back in Chicago, he becomes involved once again with Frank Nitti during the gang boss' last violent days, and with the gangland attempts to take over the movie unions.The homefront is every bit as violent as the war-torn Pacific, and even the solace of Sally Rand can do nothing to ease Heller, who is haunted by the death of a friend in Guadalcanal, and surrounded by the mayhem of gangland murders.
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 11:47
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Marvel Week+ (01-17-2018)
English | CBR | Comic Collection | All in One | 1.01 GB
Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 11:37
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Kathy Reichs - Bones on Ice (Audiobook)
English | MP3 | Audiobook | 96 MB

In Bones on Ice, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan gets wrapped up in the ultimate cold case: a murder on Mount Everest.
Author: way_vs on 19-01-2018, 11:27
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AppleMagazine - January 19, 2018
AppleMagazine - January 19, 2018
English | 182 pages | True PDF | 59.2 MB

Author: avelin on 19-01-2018, 11:27
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DC Week+ (01-17-2018) (aka DC Week 333)
English | CBR | Comic Collection | All in One | 569 MB


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